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Tau Ceti DailyJamie Fisher22-07-2457

Earlier this day the minor mercenary group known as StamTec inc. lead by Mr. Podrick Stamos has succesfully striken and destroyed the Unathi Marauder group known as "The 24th Knight" in the Romanovich Cloud. We talked to Mr. Stamos about this subject: "We've tried tracking them down for months and finally got them. Once again we made the universe a bit safer." More on the rising mercenary group StamTec inc. in the next week.

Adhomai News NetworkMok'tir Sashtar22-07-2457

In today's headline, a rehabilitation facility outside of Tampinskya was attacked by rebels earlier today. The attackers managed to free several rebel detainees. There are reports of mass casualties.

Several witnesses confirm that the raid was conducted by a small group of well-armed rebels, headed by an individual the authorities believe to be the new leader of the armed resistance.

Tatiyana Ka'lurah, seen in these pictures taken from security camera footage, is an important member of the resistance movement, and the operation looked like carefully planned and executed rescue attempt. Earlier today I interviewed our leader, General Taj'kar, on the situation.

"This sort of brash action against the People's Army will not be tolerated, and only serves to increase tension here. However, I assure you that this was an isolated incident, and it will not be long before the rebel war machine is ground to a halt."

Sol Forces Broadcasting ServiceLCpl. D.Dawes22-07-2457


Contact lost with destroyer SAMV Hastati thirty standard days ago during a goodwill visit to Echo, in the Hrothgar system.

Last transmission reported sightings of vessels suspected to be a Rim Worlds Republic heavy corvette and its complement of assault shuttles.

Any persons providing information leading directly or indirectly to the recovery of the Hastati and his crew, in part or in full, will be provided a substantial reward including, but not limited to, Alliance citizenship and a pardon for any past crimes.

Tau Ceti DailyJamie Fisher22-07-2457


Breaking News

Earlier this week, Nanotrasen Emergency Response Teams in conjunction with Biesel and Sol Alliance peacekeeping forces staged a raid on a believed terrorist cell deep within the Blackridge mountain range 75km north of Mendel city. Multiple wounded seen removed from the facility. Tpr Androv of the Nanotrasen Emergency Response team had the following statement prepared for our reporters as they reached the scene:

"We have for a long time suspected that hostile elements were working out of this region of Biesel. This raid serves to further our working relationship with local and interstellar police forces and worked to further secure Tau Ceti from the malicious intentions of these hostile groups."

When asked as to why the raid had been conducted,

"Multiple Nanotrasen employees and Tau Ceti citizens were believed to be held hostage at this facility. This belief was confirmed at the conclusion of the operation, and the hostages have been returned to their families."

Tpr Androv refused to release the names of the rescued hostages, citing personal confidentiality. At least two of the site staff were recorded being brought into Sol Alliance custody.

The Gibson GazetteNanoTraNsen Represenitive22-07-2457

Nanotrasen to corner chicken market!

Some time ago, we here at Nanotrasen received a cargo ship containing over 500 pounds of chicken meat, butchered and prepared from the NSS Aurora. What prompted them to kill these chickens, and then send them away from their cargo department is yet to be known, but with all these meat, we're sure to corner the market in chicken. Remember to buy Nanotrasen brand nuggets!

Moghes NewsCalob Alkyn22-07-2457


Clan Leader S’kresti Izweski, leader of the Izweski Hegemony on Moghes, has today claimed that the Ouerea, the second planet inhabited by 1,592 Unathi, is still a possession of the Izweski Hegemony. The colony was established in 2438 by the Izweski Nation with assistance from the Sol Alliance and Jorgan Federation, but is managed jointly by the two major powers.

Still, some experts claim that Izweski is using this as a move to reinforce his position over his subjects, as he faces growing dissatisfaction and an economic recession ravaging on the once mighty empire.

The move is seen as nothing but symbolic, because no Unathi powers currently have any ability to enforce their claim, or even effectively manage the small planet, due to all of bluespace-based communication on Moghes being controlled and managed by Nanotrasen.

Moghes NewsCalob Alkyn22-07-2457

IZWESKI NATION CLOSES BORDERS TO REFUGEES. Ever since the Contact War, radioactive fallout has spread across Moghes and left most of the interior of the planet uninhabitable. Only the massive mountain ranges formed by the planet's geological history shield the remaining portion from the danger.

Refugees have long braved the dangerous journey over the mountains or cross the single mighty ocean on the planet's surface to reach what is now coined "The Untouched Lands". It is where the last remaining cities of Moghes remain, and where the Izweski clan rules their Hegemony. It's estimated that millions of refugees have been relocated into Izweski, with many of those either taking up jobs with Nanotrasen or becoming destitute and part of the growing refugee community in Izweski.

Lord Yistaktiz Zarziski himself said that the Izweski Army will be deploying on the borders to force refugees to turn back, and begin deporting those currently in the nation. The Interstellar Aid Corps has condemned this action, saying that it will not allow soldiers to "kidnap" refugees from their camps located in Izweski.

We will get more information on this chain of events as the situation develops.

Moghes NewsAzrekitalus Treziyizu22-07-2457


With the recession ravaging the economy of Moghes as a whole, the Izweski Hegemony today announced that it would be cancelling the Contact War memorial event for this year. Beginning on June 2nd, the event is meant to last an entire week. It consists of parades, speeches by various noblemen and veterans of the war, and a memorial service for the dead.

This year would be the 10th year in a row the event would have taken place, but it seems that with coffers on Moghes running on empty, that it's impossible for anyone to properly pay for it.

The announcement was met with extreme anger in Izweski and on the rest of Moghes. Many Unathi are still veterans of the Contact War or were affected by it, and use the yearly memorial as a way to grieve or respect the dead. Several Lords accused the Izweski Clan of disrespecting the warriors who died in the war, and demanded that the event be continued immediately. It's unclear if the event will be continued.

The Gibson GazetteDaedalus security team fooledNicholas Mark26-08-2457

Daedalus station security cadet "Bones Jingleton" turns out to have been "just a plastic skeleton with fishing line taped to him" all along. Bones Jingleton was found out to have been an impostor when the ceiling tile he was attached to fell and one of the crew noticed. Station security officer Berk Patterson quoted as saying "Jeeze, I never would have known." An investigation is underway to search for whoever is responsible for whomever is behind the creation of this fraudulent cadet.

Galaxy Sports NetworkGreen Machismo defeats ThunderbotJack Rosenberg26-08-2457

Sports News-

Following moths of antagonism from Thunderbot in the world of Galactic Death-match Fighting, Green Machismo, a young Unathi heavyweight, took up a challenge in the last three months that has captivated the death-match world by storm. Thunderbot, the champion of the last three decades, had a reputation for ending fights within the first thirty seconds.

That all changed, however, on Sunday, when the young up-and-comer Green Machismo from Moghes's clan Karnaikai charged the three ton killing machine and severed vital hydraulic lines deep within the robot's chasis with a pulse blade.

Thunderbot was shortly defeated, being decapitated and bisected over eight times. This is Moghes's second win for the Galaxy Deathmatch Heavyweight belt, following Thunderbolt's gruesome defeat of Yadrak Yinzr in 2425.

Thunderbot's manufacturer, Toyota-Ishikawa, has declined to comment on the robot's future.


Thunderbot lost to "Green Machismo" Tupokis Karnaikai, 24 seconds. Fatality. Karnaikai wins GDF Heavyweight Title.

Gary "The Growler" Gablablowitz def Francois "Ripper" Renier, 3:45

Emily Sargent def "The Ghost" Eman San-Pierre 2:15

The Gibson GazetteSingularities Ate My Baby!Daniel Wahlburg26-08-2457

Singularities power the space stations of Nanotrasen and other major corporations. However, these companies have refused to answer the question of whether or not these singularities are sustained by throwing in small children.

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